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From sometime in 2012.  A trio gig at a cool club in Bethlehem Pa called the Bookstore Speakeasy.  Johnny Peppers on Bass Sax,  Ben -cornet, and Tom Pontz on the Keys. 
                    Picture below was from July 5th, 2012 at Washington Nationals Ball Park.  We played before the ball game for a special turn back the clock night.
Picture above from 2013 With (left to right) Doug Kulp, Ben Mauger, Bob Kreitz, Bob Peruzzi, and Jason Roach.  A fun group that was quite the 20's style with Jason on the Bass Sax
The youtube video above is from 2014 .  My Vintage Dixieland Jazz Band performing at the Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in June.   We travel too!   
Above picture with Ben on trumpet and Brian Priebe from 2014 while performing for the Potomac River Jazz Club at Rosensteel Hall in Silver Spring Md.
Note I am currently living in Dunedin Florida but the Roaring 20's Orchestra is still going strong in the Northeast (located in south central Pennsylvania).  I also travel up north to perform with the band many times.
Hello, and welcome to my site.  I am now living in Dunedin Florida but I do travel up north to perform a good bit so should you need a trumpet player or a band (anything from a duo up to a full 10 piece Roaring 20's Orchestra please keep me in mind.  I'm only a plane ticket away.  Sincerely,   Ben Mauger 
Above picture was taken of the Vintage Jazz Band  at the PRJC gig (Potomac River Jazz Club ) gig in 2014.  I was enjoying Brian Priebe's Trombone solo!  Sometimes it's cool to just listen!
With Gary Gregg on the reeds and Brian Priebe on the trombone at the PRJC Sunday Session at Normandie Farm Restaurant , Potomac Md.
A gig with Doug Smith's Dixieland Band.  A great group , and a fun gig too!
To listen to a live recording of the Roaring 20's Orchestra playing PUTTING ON THE RITZ , please click the sound block below to start.
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Strolling Dixieland Jazz Trio -(picture from Jan 2015 in Dunedin Florida.)                  ****  A great band to help liven up any outside event.  *******